Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If You Believe In Mermaids... Don't Tell.

By A.A. Philips

Todd's a good diver, but otherwise he's not exactly the athlete his dad wanted for a son.

He can pretend to be like all the other guys, but what Todd really wants to do is to swim away to his mermaid fantasy world.

But he knows he can't let anyone else know about that - not his Dad, and absolutely not Brad, the summer camp bully.

But Todd's worst fears come true - his secret gets out - and now he has to figure out how to be himself... in the real world.

"If You Believe In Mermaids... Don't Tell." is a work of passion that was self-published by the author. Add your review of this book in comments!

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Anonymous said...

I've only been able to read the first three chapters of this book but i do have to say. I'm hooked. its a wonderful and marvolous stroy about a trouble little boy. it's amazginly written and quite interesting as well. I hope who ever else reads it enjoy's it as much as i did.