Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Inauguration of President Obama: A Place At The Grown-Ups Table for Gay Americans!

Remember Thanksgiving family get-togethers? Being stuck at the kids table? No fancy place-settings? Eating off paper plates?

Well today, with the inauguration of President Obama, we GLBTQ Americans get to sit at the BIG table.

First Course?

Hope. Served up warm and sunny.

Here's hoping the rest of the meal is as yummy!

Enjoy the inaugural appetizer,




Jay Asher said...

For Thanksgiving, I actually liked sitting at the kiddie table and was very sad to leave.

But for the sake of the metaphor, yes, it's good to see a seat added to the big table!

Happy Inauguration Day!!!

web said...

Love the photo! Did you do that yourself?

That line was my husband's favorite part of the entire speech, I think.