Friday, January 16, 2009

This Gay Week on American Idol: So Just How Gay Is This Season Going To Get?

American Idol's back!

Okay, Season 8 started this week. And while it's tempting to comment on the girl who, so pissed off she wasn't selected, kept yelling at the camera (and the judges) that they made a mistake and "God is gonna get you" because of it... I've decided that if nothing much happens on the show that's interesting from a Gay perspective, I probably won't post on it.

After all, I've already explained why we're so obsessed with American Idol. And enough other people have talked about this season's fourth judge (Kara DioGuardi!)

So I'll just get on with it...

On Tuesday, in Pheonix, Arizona, we had Simon Cowell's remark about a contestant's coming out of the closet - and Paula Abdul jumping in to explain that it was literal, not metaphorical - he used to sing in a closet (so he wouldn't disturb anyone...) and there was mold in the closet and he got terribly sick. And now he's singing out of the closet - but it's not to say he's gay and coming out of the closet. Gosh, no. We wouldn't want to say that. (Though if we're being set up for an ugly-duckling turns into a handsome swan moment, they've set up the starting point quite well...)

And then there was Ryan Seacrest, awkwardly trying to avoid being smooched by "bikini girl" after she got her yellow ticket pool-side, to the lovely soundtrack "I kissed a girl!" by Kate Perry (you can watch the video here, but really, the song's way better than the video.) It has the great lyric,

"I kissed a girl and I liked it. Hope my boyfriend don't mind it."

Which, given the back and forth jibs and jabs over the seasons between Ryan and Simon regarding one or the other's being gay, was pretty funny. (Though, if someone on the show was gay, wouldn't it be refreshing if they came out?)

And on Wednesday in Kansas City, we had Jason Castro's younger brother, with a shock of pink hair, explain that the main difference between him and his brother was that his brother was "girly," and he was, well, "not girly." The brothers had some words about it, with Jason seeming comfortable with the explanation that being "girly" meant he was in touch with his emotions and able to express them (which is pretty funny as from what I recall Jason never seemed very passionate or emotional about his American Idol Season 7 journey...) This moment wasn't "Gay" so much as fascinating, that for two brothers who with their hair styling seem comfortable standing out, their ideas of what's gender-appropriate in terms of behavior are rather conservative. Girls are emotional. Boys don't care. And while Kara liked the "cocky" attitude of the new Mr. Castro, we'll have to see what happens... Because he got a golden ticket, too.

Outside a bit of eye candy from some of the other contestants in Kansas City, there wasn't much else GAY about American Idol this week...

But I'm glad it's back.

So just how GAY is this season going to be? Stay tuned - I promise I'll let you know.

Have a great weekend everyone!



Sarah Laurenson said...

I don't know about gay, but it sure is homophobic (to me). And fat phobic. And probably got a few other phobics tossed in there for good measure. And bikini girl? Ew! Very inappropriate and/or not living in my reality.

Anonymous said...

I hate myself for watching this show!!!! But I watch, oh, how I watch!