Thursday, February 26, 2009

BONUS POST: Adam Lambert gets my GAY vote! But will he be the first OUT, PROUD, and GAY "AMERICAN IDOL?"

So did anyone else notice that Adam left out the lyric "I can't get no girl reaction" from his version of "Satisfaction" on last night's show? It's not exactly coming OUT in one of those video packages before he sings, when "American Idol" lets us know some more about this contestant, but Adam does share what isn't his "preference," kissing-wise, in the intro to this song:

and the song's pretty great, too! (Despite the audio quality issues.)

Adam, you've got my vote! You're talented. You've got style.

And if you come OUT PROUDLY, I'll vote twice. I'll get my friends to vote for you. We'll start a movement.

Heck, we'll start a revolution.

So come on, Adam! Come OUT!

And make history!


Suzanne Young said...

If he comes out, I'll vote for the first time ever! We can both make history. :-)

And I thought he was great. yes, I admit to watching Idol. haha

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...


Yay - Adam's in the top 12!

And I gotta admit another YAY for Kris Allen... he was great, too!