Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just How GAY is Mardi Gras?




Check it out:

Krewes are "secret" Queer societies during Mardi Gras that throw gay "balls!" Krewes...

"up the pomp-and-circumstance ante with lavish formal-dress balls that simultaneously coronate their carnival royalty and parody straight society."
-From a sidebar in a recent issue of Advocate magazine.
There are 16 Gay Krewes during this 2009 Mardi Gras! Here's just a taste:

The Krewe of Amon-Ra

The Lords of Leather

Krewe of Armeinius

Mystic Krewe of Satyricon

Krewe of Mwindo

Krewe of Queenateenas

Krewe of Petronius

Krewe of Apollo Baton Rouge (this one has some fun mardi gras music when you go to their site!)

And some of these lavish affairs even offer balcony seating to the public... But really, if you were already at Mardi Gras, wouldn't you want to be PART of the party, rather than just watching it unfold before you?

(sigh.) And without a ticket, don't I just feel like a pre-fairy godmother Cinderella?

To everyone at Mardi Gras, have a wonderful time!



Anonymous said...

The third picture looks like Donny & Marie....

Sarah Laurenson said...

I used to live in Louisiana. And I never went to Mardi Gras. If I had ever gone, it would only be if I could get one of those balcony rooms. Not interested in being on the street in that crowd with all the pickpockets and the knifings and the people having sex right next to you. Yeah, it's quite the party.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Sarah - yikes. That sounds rather less than fabulous. Maybe that's why there are so many "private" parties, because the scene on the street is so out of control?
And Aerin, It's very "vegas" or "mummer's parade" and I totally see where you get "Donny and Marie!"