Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ultimate X-Men Issue 65: Magnetic North, Part 5

by Brian K. Vaughan, pencils by Stuart Immonen, inks by Wade Von Grawbadger

It's Marvel's re-conceptualized X-Men, and this issue includes a pivotal coming out scene!

Northstar and Colossus become a GAY superhero couple in this series of comic books, and amid all the fire and ice and metal skeletons and X-wings and the battle between Magneto and Professor Xavier and the X-Men, to see this ROCKED my world.

I love Gay Superheroes!

To catch up on the Ultimate X-Men's world, check this out.

And for an issue-by-issue run-down of what happens when, go here!

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Ambrose said...

Another series you might want to check out in the Marvel Universe(Before Disney drives it into the ground) is the Young Avengers. A big part of the story is the relationship between Billy Kaplan(Wiccan, possibly the creation of Scarlet Witch and former candidate for Sorcerer Supreme) and Teddy Altman(Hulkling, A half-Skrull shapeshifter and prince of the Skrull Empire). They are one of the first openly gay couples in mainstream comics(i.e. not Vertigo) and the writers went out of their way to explore it in many of the issues. Add to that that they are both poitically significant and it really becomes relevant, with Dick Cheney's bigotry in his capacity as a "public servant" but his willingness to accept major help from Mary Cheney, an out lesbian who one would think would have a vested interest in not seeing a Christian theocrat(Neo-Conservative) in office.