Friday, March 27, 2009

A Gay Teenager, James Neilly, testifies in Vermont: "It's really hard to feel equal when you don't have the same rights."

I've got a new hero:

James Neilly is a Junior in High School in Vermont, and he testified last Friday on the same-gender marriage battle:

It's amazing to me that James is this eloquent and self-assured at 17.

His parents should be proud of him.

The Gay (GLBTQ) Community should be proud of him.

I know I'm proud of him.

Bravo, James. Bravo!

The news as of now - Vermont's Senate voted 26 to 4 in favor of same gender marriage on Monday. Now it's going to the House, which is also expected to pass the law.

The Governor, however, on Wednesday said he's going to veto it.

It's "unclear" whether the legislature will try to override a possible veto... (Check out this CNN article here for more details.)


Tricia said...

Damn, I hate it when I start my morning with a good cry. (In my office, no less!) Thanks for sharing this video. James is amazing. I hope others will hear his message.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Yeah, but it was a GOOD cry, wasn't it?
I love how proud the woman behind him on our right looks throughout the whole thing. Watch it again, keeping an eye on her.
I'm betting that's his mother (though I don't know for sure.) It's just that she's so... proud of him, without saying a single word. Beautiful.

Angie said...

The Vermont governor's reasoning for planning to veto the bill, even though he's sure the legislature has the votes to override:

"The urgency of our state's economic and budgetary challenges demands the full focus of every member and every committee of this Legislature."

Translated: "I'm a homophobic prick grasping at whatever irrelevant straws I can find for not being the one to let the pervs pollute the sacred bond of marriage."

Jerkwad. Hopefully they'll toss him out next time he's up for re-election. :/


valentina said...

what a great speech!

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Update!!! April 7, 2009

Vermont overrides the Governor's veto and SAME GENDER MARRIAGE IS NOW LEGAL IN VERMONT!!!