Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Mike We Trust

By P. E. Ryan

15 year old Garth is gay. His dad died a year and a half ago, and his mom... well, she doesn't want him to tell anyone else he's gay.

But when his Dad's twin brother, Mike, comes on the scene, Garth feels accepted. Encouraged to be himself. Emboldened to be honest...

Except, his uncle Mike has some secrets of his own that he wants Garth to keep.

And suddenly lies are everywhere, and Garth has to figure out what to trust, who to trust, and how to be true to himself.

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BookChic said...

Ooo, this sounds very good. I'll have to pick it up sometime.

Doret said...

I really enjoyed In Mike We Trust. Garth's mom wants to put the conversation of Garth being gay on hold. Making Garth an easy victim to his slick talking Uncle Mike.