Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Printable and Downloadable Gay (GLBTQ) Teen Booklist!

Okay, I've gotten some requests for a printable Booklist.

So here it is!

It's downloadable (from here) and printable. And if I've figured out the technology, when you click on the image below you should see a bigger version of it! (If that doesn't work, try clicking on "open publication" below. And if that doesn't do it, please go here to see it full-sized.)

Putting together a one page list was really tough. While I might have been able to cram every single title (over 200 of them!) on a single sheet of paper, I thought the result of that would be pretty useless (and rather hard to read.)

I ended up deciding to just make it a "taste" - with a handful of books in each category to pique interest, with the hopes that people, if they're intrigued, will come to this site to find out more.

I didn't even include author names, figuring that the title, the bookshelf category, and this blogsite as a reference would be sufficient clues to track down the specific books. (And that way, I got to DOUBLE the number of books on the list!)

So please, please, please - for the authors whose books were not included in the 43 titles I listed - don't take it as a judgment on YOUR book. I sort of pretended I was in my own bookstore/library and I just started pulling titles down off the shelves. It's a rather random and quirky list, like a sampler box of fancy chocolates.

My goal is for this list (and this blogsite) to help Teens find the books they need and will want to read - and hopefully that means they'll find YOUR books, too!



ps- My thanks to Terry over at The Reading Tub for the push and the issuu recommendation!


CJ Omololu said...

Thanks for this list Lee, it rocks. I forwarded your post to our school's LGBTQ group - they're only in elementary school now, but hey, they grow up...and they've got parents.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for making the list downloadable. This is great!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i think its a great list :) That must have taken some time!

Rita said...

How excellent!! Thanks for sharing this!!

This is a true service, Lee!!

Ms. Yingling said...

Argh! This is blocked at my school!(Under "Personal Network Storage, Media Sharing", NOT content, thanksfully.) I would love to see the list. Is there any way that you could e mail it to me? I would appreciate it.
yinglink at westerville.k12.oh.us

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

thanks everyone - glad you're finding the list useful.
Ms. Yingling, I emailed you the file.
Namaste to all,

Unknown said...

Great list, Lee! I'm eager to hit the bookshelves and check these out. Thanks so much for the info--and the list looks beautiful. Well done.