Thursday, April 30, 2009

Down To The Bone

By Mayra Lazara Dole

I'm really excited about this Latina Teen Lesbian novel!!!

I couldn't improve on the great synopsis from the publisher:

Here's what it means to be a tortillera.

It means you're a girl who loves girls.

Which means you get kicked out of Catholic school faster than Mother Superior Sicko can say "immoral."

Which means your wacko Mami finds out.

Which means you're kicked to the curb with nowhere to go, and the love of your life is shipped off to Puerto Rico to marry a guy.

But this is Miami, and if you have a bighearted best friend and a loyal puppy at your side, and if your broken heart is still full of love, you just might land on your feet.

Mayra did a great interview with librarian KT Horning about her book - and they have both been kind enough to let me share an updated version of the interview with all of you - look for it next week!!!

Add your review of "Down To The Bone" in comments!

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susan said...

I picked this up from the library last week. Starting it this week. Stay tuned.