Thursday, April 2, 2009


By Holly Black

In the realm of faerie, Kaye declares her love - and in return is forced to go on a quest that seems impossible.

And Kaye soon discovers that she's battling Silarial, queen of the Seelie Court, for control of Roiben's throne.

Once again, Gay Teen Corny plays a major role as the faerie / human drama unfolds...

Thanks to Jacob for the recommendation. Add your review of "Ironside" in comments!


Anonymous said...

there should really be more books like ironside! the gay character isnt all that different for being gay, and it isnt central to the plot that he is gay. Its just a fact, then the rest of the story plays out and he and his crush are just pieces of the fairy tale drama. i love seeing characters who happen to be gay in main stream fiction

Anonymous said...

a wonderful fantasy-in-the-modern-world book, where the homosexuality of one character is a happy surprise, but not overblown and not central to the story.