Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Josef Jaeger - In Nazi Germany, Amid Intrigue and Murder, A German Teen Boy Falls In Love With A Jewish Boy

Josef Jaeger By Jere' M. Fishback

Fact: For a time in Nazi Germany there were some very high ranking homosexuals.

From this kernel of history, Jere' creates "Josef Jaeger," a novel of historical fiction. Josef is a teen who after his mother's death is sent to live with his uncle, Ernst Roehm, the openly-homosexual chief of the Nazi brown shirts.

Josef thinks he’s found a father-figure in his uncle and a mentor in his uncle's lover - and when Roehm’s political connections land Josef a role in a propaganda movie, Josef’s sure he’s found the life he’s always wanted.

But while living in Berlin during the film’s production, Josef falls in love with a Jewish boy, David, and Josef begins questioning his uncle’s beliefs. Then he learns his mother's death may have been a murder by the SS - possibly on his uncle's orders!

Amid the chaos of the world around him, Josef needs to figure out who he trusts, and what he really believes in.

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**Update May 2017: the author released a second, revised edition of Josef Jaeger here.**

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Thanks for posting about this book! I found it really interesting because it highlighted a piece of history I didn't know about.

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