Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss California LOSES the Miss USA Pageant because of her anti-same gender marriage answer. Go Perez Hilton!

Okay, this past Sunday night, April 19, 2009. The Miss USA Pageant - Live, from Las Vegas.

Perez Hilton, one of the judges, asked Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who was arguably in the lead, whether or not she thinks every state should have same-sex marriage.

Listen to her answer, and why Perez thinks it cost her the crown, here. (The video is of Larry King's interview with Perez Hilton about what happened, hosted on Perez Hilton's site.)

Congratulations to the winner,

Miss USA 2009 Kristen Dalton, Miss North Carolina

Kristen had to answer a different question, but I hope she's learned that to be Miss USA, you had better represent ALL of the USA, and that includes us Gays!

It's fascinating how because of the controversy over her answer, Miss California is getting MORE attention in the news than the winner. How about a statement of support for the gay community, Kristen? You might just get a bit of your own thunder back!

your thoughts?



Tricia said...

I saw her on the Today Show this morning and her position is she will NOT change her answer.

I am glad that a judge had the courage to ask a politically charged question. And I'm equally glad the panel thought carefully about the kind of person they wanted representing the crown. While I don't feel any of these young women represent me particularly well, they should be role models. I want someone wearing the crown who understands and empathizes with those in the minority, not someone who doesn't support them.

The irony that this young woman is from California is not lost on me.

Keep the faith, Lee!

Hayden Thorne said...

I never saw the show, but I've seen Miss California mentioned at the Huffington Post. I am glad to see a momentum building up in the direction of equality, with the GLBT community being more and more vocal about their rights and, from my side of the fence, more and more straight supporters adding their voices. I was even shocked at seeing conservatives being quoted at Andrew Sullivan's blog in support of same-sex marriage (didn't Meghan McCain recently verbalize support and inclusion in the Republican party as well?). A recent poll in New York shows a 53-39 support for same-sex marriage, and Maggie Gallagher and her widdle NOM project continue to be mocked and laughed at.

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

more fall-out here:


Miss California's sponsors and the director of the Miss California Pageant are so upset with her answer, they didn't even go backstage to congratulate her on coming in second!

Hayden Thorne said...

Argh. Blogger ate my comment. I guess I shared one too many links in my response, and it was probably deleted as spam.

Now if I could only remember what I said, I can paraphrase it, but...


web said...

It was a terrible answer for oh-so-many reasons. My husband puts it well: "She basically said gay marriage is legal everywhere and she thinks that's great but that it shouldn't be. I'm not sure what the "politically" correct answer was, but she wasn't factually correct, and her opinion contradicted itself."