Friday, May 1, 2009

The Separation of Church & American Idol: Is there a right wing conspiracy to vote off Adam Lambert because he's not a "good Christian role model?"

Could the best singer on the show lose because of homophobia?

The top 5

Okay, so there's a lot of buzzing about how Adam Lambert was in the bottom two this week despite blowing everyone away with his performance, and there's quite a bit of speculation about there being some kind of PLOT where religious right (and anti-gay) voters are massing their votes for everyone else to get Adam voted off the show...

(check out here (in comments) and here. - okay, note that the Bill O'Reilly video clip url over on youtube includes the word "Ass." So appropriate. They actually blocked out the lips part of the gay kiss photos of Adam from the internet when they showed them on Fox news!!!! Arrrgh!!!)

Now Matt Giraud was ultimately voted off this week, but what could be behind Adam's near-elimination?

Danny Gokey

Isn't it possible that Danny Gokey is seen as a Christian poster-boy, and Adam is just too...

well, even without coming out and saying it, Adam, with his boy-on-boy kisses and videos where he talks about what he "prefers" is

Adam Lambert

Never mind who's the best singer (Danny's good, but IMHO Adam is better) in many ways American Idol is a popularity and role model contest. Just like Miss California not wanting to represent ALL of of the U.S.A. (revealed through her anti-same-gender marriage answer to Perez Hilton's question), there's a role model element to being The American Idol, no matter how much Randy reminds us every week that
"Dawg, this is a singing competition!"
So, Dawgs, what do you think?

Were pro-Adam viewers so confident that everyone else was going to vote for him that he nearly got eliminated due to complacency?

Or is there a right-wing conspiracy targeting Adam because they don't want "The American Idol" - a "star," held up as an "idol" to the world, to be a gay man?

And if there is an anti-gay, anti-Adam plot at work, what do you think we should do about it?


ReadWriteGo said...

I think he has every chance of making it big regardless of winning the competition - see Chris Daughtry as an example - that it doesn't really matter. When his album sales quadruple anything the "good role model" puts out, he'll be smiling. He's the only one whose album I'm likely to buy, or concert I'd want to see live. Maybe Kris Allen.

I'm not so sure it was a PLOT, per se, but I do think any supporters he has need to get really busy. The anti-gay folks seem to have a lot of time on their hands to speed dial (and picket, and write nasty things on the internet. Don't these people have jobs? Lives?).

Sarah Laurenson said...

Conspiracy? Kind of doubt it. Also don't think it really matters in the long run if he wins. His career is already set.

I see this kind of thing happen all the time and that was the reason for the judge's save which they totally threw away on Matt. They created this save for that one time the voters think their favorite is safe because it's obvious everyone will vote for him and they'll spend their time voting for thier second favorite.

For years, there has been a block of people trying to vote for the worst and screw up the competition. Either they haven't been able to garner enough support, or the producers make the votes come out however they want to create the most drama. If you're looking for a conspiracy, I'd start there.

Summer said...

ehhh... I think this week proves that the judges and producers want Adam to win. They mentioned him as the best of the night any time they could. I believe the bottom 2 thing was a producer's ploy or a fluke that can happen to anyone. If Adam doesn't win I'll be highly surprised. I'm an Anoop fan though.