Thursday, June 25, 2009

Finding H.F.

By Julia Watts

"H.F." stands for - don't laugh - Heavenly Faith. H.F.'s super-religious grandmother saddled her with that one. Because H.F.'s Mom left when she was a baby.

Now H.F. is 16, a budding lesbian, and she doesn't fit in anywhere. Her only friend and confidant is Bo, a gay teen boy who's also getting the rough end of living in a small religious town.

H.F. crushes on a beautiful girl, Wendy, and they actually hook up! But the next morning, Wendy freaks out.

And then H.F. finds out where her mother is - and also that her grandmother knew all along!

So H.F. and Bo hit the road to track down H.F.'s Mom. Only... things don't go the way they expect!

"Finding H.F." was the the winner of the 2001 Childrens/Young Adult Lambda Literary Award!

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Katie Cramer said...

Love, love, LOVE this book!

Madison Ingrid Wellington Blake said...

A nice light read for a middle school student (some mature themes, but I'd say a thirteen-year-old could handle it).