Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Gay Penguins in Germany raise a Baby Penguin!

It's like a story book:

Boy Penguin hero meets Boy Penguin hero. They fall in love. They live in a town with two other Boy Penguin couples. They have parties. Life is good.

Anti-gay activists bring in three girl penguins to set the gay penguins on the "straight" path. The girls are nice, but the Boy Penguin Hero couple, and all the other Boy Penguin couples, stay true to their hearts, and stay gay.

The Boy Penguin Hero couple want to have a baby penguin, to love and raise.

An egg, rejected by it's opposite sex penguin parents, is given to the Boy Penguin Hero couple.

They hatch the egg, and raise the baby penguin as their own.

And they all live Happily Ever After.

It is like a storybook, isn't it? Well, it's also a true story. (see the newspaper article here!)

And reading about these gay german penguin parents reminded me of just how wonderful this picturebook for children is:

Read the article. Read the book. And believe in your heart that gay people can grow up, fall in love, and become wonderful parents!

Because that's the truth.

I know, because I'm blessed enough to be living it.


ps - thanks to Scott for sharing this with me!