Monday, June 1, 2009

GSA Monday Topic: Fairfax High in Los Angeles elects a GAY TEEN as PROM QUEEN!

Sergio Garcia, Fairfax High Prom Queen

Okay, we had it happen at a college, but this is different.

This is high school.

And Sergio Garcia isn't a guy in drag - he's just a guy, who is gay. (Wearing a leather jacket and a Tiara.)

And he got elected Prom Queen!

Here's the article from the LA Times...

I know that as a culture we're really rigid in our view of gender roles, and I think it's awesome that a gay student could get that much support from classmates, but I do have some questions...

Should Sergio have gone for Prom King rather than Prom Queen, if he really identifies as a guy?

Was it fair to the girls who might have wanted to be Prom Queen?

Is this yet another reason for Carrie Prejean to be against same-gender marriage?

And... What song should be Sergio's "first dance" with the Prom King on Prom night?

What do you think?


Hayden Thorne said...

Carrie Prejean and her ilk are losing ground - have been losing ground and will continue to lose ground - bit by bit, and they know it. Time isn't a friend of anti-equality proponents, and when more and more members of the GLBT community come out (and more and more of their heterosexual peers vocally support them), the better traction we have for the fight for full equality.

See, now you just gave me a little plot detail idea for my Masks sequel. :)

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hi Hayden,
well said. And there are so many creative sparks flying around - it's great when they ignite a story fire!