Monday, June 8, 2009

GSA Monday Wrap-Up For The 2008-2009 School Year: What are YOU going to do on your Summer Vacation?

Hi Everyone!

I want to thank you all for coming along with me on this string of Mondays, and for participating and letting me be part of sparking discussions in your Gay Straight Alliance Club meetings all over the country (and the world...)

In the "real" world, I have gained so much from an entire year of volunteering as an out gay adult adviser to a local high schools' GSA club.

In the "on-line" world, I feel we are creating a virtual GSA club from the readers of this blog. That sense of community is something I truly value, and for which I am very grateful!

Thank you.

As for this summer, I'll be:

writing my books,

posting about other people's awesome gay books and ranting about stuff I care about here on this blog,

live-blogging the amazing SCBWI summer conference,

and planning out some new and very cool GSA projects for the fall...

As for YOUR Summer...

You might want to grab a great book with a gay character... But where could you find out about such a book?

Check out the lists of books here, and think of this blogsite as your for-fun summer reading list source!

Happy reading! Have a wonderful Summer. And thank you for being part of THIS community!


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