Thursday, June 11, 2009

Orphea Proud

By Sharon Dennis Wyeth

Orphea's 17, and this book is her performance at a poetry club.

She tells about being Black, and orphaned.

About being raised by her homophobic older brother.

And about falling in love with her best friend, Lissa, a white girl.

And then about how the day after their first kiss, Lissa was killed in an accident.

Welcome to a stage, where a soaring painting takes shape before your eyes, a big-booty poet stands at the mike, and there’s a seat right in front, just for you.

This is a place where wise old ladies live and boys act like horses.

This is a vision of love that was crushed and brought back to life.

And this is my story. I’m Orphea Proud. Welcome to the show.

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