Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Watch The Gay Star Trek Episode... Okay, it's Star Trek: Phase II (fan fiction) but it's a future with same-gender marriage and a gay love story!

Space. The final frontier.

Imagine a fourth season of the Starship Enterprise's original TV series run in 1969...

A season where all the parts have been re-cast, and yet many of the sets, costumes, and sound effects remain the same.

And this, the "gay" episode, which had been written for the actual series, approved by Gene Roddenberry, and then rejected by NBC at the time, is now resurrected...

As Star Trek: Phase II "Blood and Fire"

It's really pretty awesome.

Hope you love seeing gay people in the future (as imagined in the 1960s) as much as I do!


Blood and Fire, part 1

Blood and Fire, part 2

Blood and Fire, part 3

Blood and Fire, part 4

Blood and Fire, part 5

Pretty cool, huh?

Don't you wanna know what happens? If they survive? If Captain Kirk marries them after all?

I do!

Find out more about Star Trek: Phase II here!

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