Friday, July 24, 2009

Elizabeth (Betsy) Bird's Music Video Celebrating the Caldecott!

Don't you wish YOUR Children's librarian was this cool? I do!

(Oh, and how's this for some amazing inside information? The band in Betsy's video was really the multi-talented editor Namrata Tripathi!)

I think in a celebrity death match (remember those claymation battles?) between Betsy Bird, of Fuse #8 (the unparalleled School Library Journal Blog) and New York Public Library FAME, and

Marian The Librarian (from "The Music Man")

Oh, that line "What do you want to take out?"

"The Librarian."

...Betsy would win. After all, she has those magic Caldecott flying gold seals with which she can blind Shirley Jones!

Enjoy the videos,


Rie Selavy said...

Betsy Bird is the reason I became a librarian. True facts.

Also, Lee, I'm involved in a big project and I'd love your help if possible! Let me make a few phone calls, and then I'll drop you a message...

Lisa Yee said...

Betsy has certainly upped the cool factor among librarians! (Not that they weren't already cool.)