Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm On Twitter!

Come on by, and follow me on Twitter! I've even added a nifty link to my Twitter profile in the right hand column of this blogsite...

So, what am I going to tweet about?

New Gay Words and what they mean (like today's "Heterophobia!")

Exclusive mini-posts on Gay Stuff, Writing Stuff, and My Queer take on our World (like my planned ode: Am I the only one who misses Kupono's parade of outfits on So You Think You Can Dance? - that guy had style!)

And I'll re-tweet (RT) The Cool and The Crazy (like yesterday's news piece about the USA car dealership that's giving away a free AK-47 assault rifle with the purchase of any pickup truck! And then, of course, I suggested that with every Prius you buy, they throw in an electric stun gun!)

It's stuff you won't get here at the blog, it'll be awesome, so come join me as we explore the brave new world and community of Twitter together!

Onwards and Upwards, everyone!


(I found the cute twitter bird graphic here)

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