Thursday, July 9, 2009

Leave Myself Behind

By Bart Yates

Noah is 17 when his Dad dies and his mom, a poet, moves them from Chicago to a rural New England town.

They have to renovate their house, and as they tear down crumbling walls they discover little time capsules, clues to the disappearance of the woman who lived there before...

And Noah finds himself drawn to J.D., the teenage boy down the street. Soon Noah and J.D.'s friendship becomes a full-on love affair, and it shatters the calm - and the facades - all around them.

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Anonymous said...

I read this book for an English class and fell in love with every aspect. I love Noah's dialect, the plot, the mystery intertwined. Three cheers for Bart Yates! Leave Myself Behind is a beautifully written coming of age novel that I would recommend to anyone of any sexual orientation.

Rebecca said...

I love your blog and Leave Myself Behind is one of my favorites! I recently reviewed it here: