Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mommy, Mama, and Me

By Leslea Newman, illustrated by Carol Thompson

Finally, a GLBTQ Family board book for the youngest kids!

A very young (shown standing up but not yet walking) child has two moms:

Mommy and Mama.

In soft lilting rhymes, there's a day of little moments -
"Mommy picks me up, up, up. Mama pours juice in my cup."
There's an outing, a nap, cooking together, a bath, and then our first person hero (or heroine, the illustrations leave it open for us to interpret the child's gender) is tucked in and kissed goodnight.

It's Lovely.

Absolutely lovely.

This book will make a huge difference to all those kids who are part of two Mom families. And it will help make our world a better place, for everyone else who reads it will clearly see that what binds together GLBTQ-headed families is the same thing that binds together heterosexual-headed families: LOVE!

Thank you, Leslea and Carol! I sure wish this board book had been read to me when I was a little kid!


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Thanks for posting this, Lee. I'll pass it on to many friends. I hope I get a chance to meet you at the GBLT friendly SCBWI lunch in LA. Keep up the great work.