Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Marked: The House of Night #1

By P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Okay, so while I was ranting about Twilight and the lack of GAY teen vampires in fiction, blogreader "SHobbs" wrote me to say that this book series has Gay teen vampires in it!

Damien and his boyfriend Jack are essential (and adorable!) members of the ensemble.

Thanks SHobbs!

So the main storyline revolves around 16 year old Zoey, who is "marked" to become a vampire (from a regular human) and gets to go to, um, Vampyre school. (Love the spelling of that!)

It turns out Zoey is special - even for vampyres in training - and she has special powers. But she's not the only one with special powers. There's some BAD girls at the school - BAD Vampyre girls.

Now Zoey has to stop them, with the help of her new vampyre friends...

Interestingly, "Marked: The House of Night #1" was written by a mother-daughter team. Kristin was 19 when she co-wrote it with her Mom, "P.C." who already had a track record of writing adult fantasy romance novels.

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John (johnnie_cakes) said...

After finding out that there was a gay character in Marked, I gave it a go. I've got to say, I'm really not a fan.

The book didn't really seem to know what it wanted to be. Some characters dropped a lot of expletives while others said things like poopie. It felt like it was straddling the line between independent reader and young adult, without really knowing where it wanted to land.

Damien, the gay character doesn't have the biggest role in this book. Apparently, there are other gay students at the vampire school, but Damien thinks they're all too girly for him (but he cross-stitches). I didn't like that at all. To me it read like Damien was a "good gay" as opposed to the girly gays.

At some point I'll probably pick up the 2nd in the series to kill time, but I Marked didn't do much for me. The writing is pretty simple (even for a YA book).