Monday, August 17, 2009

Maureen Johnson Responds to her Book, "The Bermudez Triangle," Being CHALLENGED in Florida!

Maureen Johnson's YA novel, "The Bermudez Triangle" was challenged this summer. Some Mothers in pink jackets decided it wasn't only not appropriate for their kids, they wanted the book moved to the adult section of the library, so no other unsuspecting youths would be exposed to the "inappropriate" content...

Check out Maureen's funny and passionate response to the controversy, here:

Here are the links that Maureen refers to during her video.

The Fox interview (get the ridiculous anchor chiming in that the mothers should really be fighting to BAN the books, not just move them to a different section of the library! Fox is so good at that neutral-being-a-journalist-thing. NOT!)

The Local Florida TV Station's downloadable excerpts from Maureen's "The Bermudez Triangle" are here:

This stuff is ridiculous. Maureen is awesome.

The best revenge to all these book banners? READ her book!

I found out about this at the National Coalition Against Censorship website, here! Check it out. And thanks for Maureen for her permission to share her video here!



Heather Kelly said...

Go Maureen!
This is ridiculous. Maybe that daughter of the pink jacket should be reading Middle Grade. Or not growing up. (How embarrassing for her!)

Maureen is awesome. I'm sorry that she has to deal with having book banners hot on her tail, but hopefully people are picking up her book to see what all the fuss is about.

And, drat, does this mean that I can't ban fantasy football so I can see my husband during football season?

Faith said...

Absolutely insane! If you didn't read the book, how can you possibly decide it the content is appropriate or not?

GO Maureen for standing up for teens.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks for sharing, Lee! Maureen is great: funny and smart! Oh, and she reads with great sauciness!

Somehow I'm finding it very hard to believe those two books were randomly plucked from the shelves.