Monday, August 10, 2009


Today's theme is FIRE, as in CREATIVE FIRE! This final day of the conference will stoke the creative fires within each of us! And hopefully, we'll each head home "all fired up" to create our own passionate masterworks!

I'm really excited that today Kathleen Duey (author of the National Book Award Finalist "Skin Hunger") will add fuel to each of our creative fires with her Final Keynote of the conference at 2:15pm, "TRANSMUTATION: Books That Matter" And if you haven't checked out Kathleen's twitter NOVEL in progress, Russet, do it now!

And the finale of the conference is the autograph party, where creativity will literally surround us - the books, the authors, the conference attendees!!!

Remember to check out our Official SCBWI Conference Blog for all the blog updates throughout the day!

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Farewell and Autograph Party


p.s.: I found this amazing creative fire image here.

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Sherrie Petersen said...

Hey, Lee, I do feel like I'm on fire after this amazing weekend! I'm glad I got to meet you and thankful that I can refer back to the fabulous blogs you guys created when I need inspiration =)