Friday, September 4, 2009

Grand Theft Auto Goes GAY GAY GAY... But is it good for the Gays?

Grand Theft Auto is a HUGE video game franchise. It's sold WAY over 70 million copies. It's controversial. It's been sued many times, with families of murdered policemen and other victims of violent crimes saying the perpetrators were trained to kill by playing the game over and over and over.

Now Grand Theft Auto is coming OUT, with a Gay title character, in "The Ballad Of Gay Tony: Grand Theft Auto."

Here's the trailer:

So I ask you. Is this GOOD for the Gays?


Lisa Jenn said...

It's hard to tell based on the trailer, but I'm skeptical based on the title alone. Calling the character "Gay Tony" is stigmatizing right there. It indicates that the character's sexuality is a novelty, not normality.

Ambrose said...

It certainly doesn't seem to cater to the sissy stereotype...