Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tripping To Somewhere

By Kristopher Reisz

Sam and Gilly are two high school girls - outcasts really, hanging out at a convenience store.

A strange homeless man tells them that if they run fast and leave everything behind, they can catch "the Witches' Carnival."

They do.

They travel with Christopher Marlow (!) and the rest of the witches all over the US and England on a psychedelic journey that has them stealing money, a car, and has Gilly (the gay teen of the two friends) falling for a female witch!

But the law is closing on them fast...

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Julia Phillips Smith said...

Just thought I'd drop by and congratulate you on winning the Best GLBT Review Blog at BBAW. Although when I read the title of your blog, I thought it should have won the Best Blog Title award. But that went to Smart Bitches Trashy Books...