Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Without Sin

By J. Tomas

Jacob is 16. With a temper.

What makes him mad? He gets bullied because he likes boys, and his fighting gets him kicked out of public school.

Now he's at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Boarding School for Boys.

That's where he meets Avery, a senior. They're attracted to each other. They become friends...

and then the rumors start.

Will Jacob be able to hold back his anger, or will fighting get him kicked out of this school, too - making him lose the one relationship that makes him feel like he finally belongs?

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ivanova said...

How funny, I just ordered this book last week! I will be able to review it soon.

BookChic said...

I reviewed this during my GLBT Month back in May. Let me go find my review.

"I really enjoyed this book- I read almost all of it while at work and it was a great distraction. I must start off by saying though that this contains more sexual material than I thought it would and it's more than I've seen in any other gay books. As a gay man though, I did enjoy it, but it's something I want to let people know about before they decide to get it. Tomas does a great job of getting into both Avery and Jacob's heads; the book is divided into four parts and it bounces back and forth between the two main characters. It was a fantastic romance that really made me happy to read, so if you love feel-good romances that end happily, read this. One of the things though that I had a problem with was that it felt like every obstacle was brought out and resolved all in the span of a page or two and then it would be all hunky-dory for ten to fifteen pages. And there was also another incident where the beginning part happened and then it wasn't brought up again for another 20 pages where it was then resolved. But if you're looking for a quick, happy read about a gay teen relationship, this is a good novel."

Amanda said...

I've had this on my to-read list for several months now, and was just about to put it on my BookMooch wish list as soon as I sign up. Excellent!

pussreboots said...

I read it at the start of summer and now I am reading Testimony by Anita Shreve and I'm finding myself drawing comparisons between the two books.