Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Drowning of Stephan Jones

By Bette Greene

In a small town in Arkansas, 16 year old Carla is pretty liberal.

So when a gay couple (Stephan Jones and Frank Montgomery) relocate there from Boston, she's not too freaked out.

But when her boyfriend, Andy, begins harassing the couple, Carla doesn't say anything. And then the harassment ends in Stephan's murder.

Only then does Carla finally find the strength to speak up... and fight for justice.

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Lauren M. Hunter said...

I remember this book! Extremely sad. This would probably be a good one to recommend to friends who aren't aware of how severe and terrifying homophobia can be.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the book. It shows very clearly how being a bystander and not standing up to something you know is wrong can lead to tragedy. It focuses more on Carla's struggle than homophobia, but still a very good book.