Wednesday, October 7, 2009

First Love Sisters, Vol. 1

By Mako Komao with original art designs by Reine Hibiki, and illustrated by Mizuo Shinonome

During a visit to Tsunojo Girls' Academy, Chika meets the girl of her dreams, upperclassman Haruna.

Chika becomes obsessed with working hard to get accepted into the school, so she can be together with this older girl (even though they only met that one time.)

When she finally DOES get into the school , things don't go as smoothly with Haruna as Chika had dreamed...

A girl-love, or Yuri, manga, "First Love Sisters" is a translation of the Japanese original.

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Anonymous said...

Just to warn you, Lee, if you start listing out all the yaoi/yuri shounen ai/shoujo ai titles there are, your blog is going to be utterly swamped.