Monday, October 19, 2009

GSA Monday Topic: Watch This Amazing Video... and Discuss

Okay, so for this week I'm loving the idea of everyone finding great video clips of movies or shorts or TV shows on DVD or youtube, sharing them with your GSA, and discussing them.

There's so much great stuff OUT there (in both senses of the word) that can springboard conversation.

My contribution, here at our virtual Gay-Straight Alliance? Two brief videos (the first is under 2 minutes, the second, under 3 1/2 minutes long.) They're both from the TV show Dawson's Creek, which I never watched, but had I known it had stuff like this in it...

I am now, officially, a HUGE fan of this show!

Thanks to Greg Hernandez, who's blogging now at Greg In Hollywood, for highlighting these video clips on his old daily news blog.

Enjoy discussing!



Anonymous said...

Awww, I remember these! Thanks for posting them!

Also, if you get a chance, check out Jack's coming out story arc on the series. Definitely one of the most intense parts of television I've ever seen.

TansyRR said...

Sadly, Jack & Doug only featured in the show finale, a five-years-later episode. But aren't they adorable?

Some SPOILERS to give you a crash course in Dawson's and gay themes...

Jack's journey as a gay teen was a big theme of the show from season 2 onwards, struggling with issues like "how to tell my girlfriend I'm gay," "how to tell my angry, distant dad that I'm gay," "being the gay quarterback in a small town," "why are all the boys I like so much more comfortable with being gay than me (except the straight ones)," and "huh, the fraternity I joined are really accepting of me being gay... wait, no, false alarm, totally not."

He also had plenty of non-gay plots, such as supporting his sister though her mental breakdown and holding up a family in mourning.

Kerr Smith is just lovely, but poor old Jack never did get it right until the season finale and the shock reveal that good old Doug (a minor character, older brother to Jack's friend Pacey) was actually gay. Considering that Pacey pretending his brother was gay had been basically a running joke with uncomfortable overtones (the two brothers did not get along), it was an interesting way to go. A nice touch was that Pacey and Doug in the finale were obviously much better friends than they had been during Pacey's troubled teen years, with Pacey being the only one who knew about Doug and Jack's secret relationship, and counselling his brother about making the decision to come out.

I'm getting all soppy just thinking about it!

Also the Jack-Jen friendship mirrored and overlapped Will and Grace in pop culture - they even referred to the show a few times as a touchstone for their relationship, which was similar. Only Jen was way less annoying than Grace. :D

Oooh and there was totally a 'Jack wants to take a boy to the prom but the prom won't let him so all his mates stage a rebellion to have an anti-prom which is way cooller' episode.