Friday, October 2, 2009

I'm Interviewed by THE KIDS RIGHT TO READ PROJECT of the National Coalition Against Censorship! And Ellen Hopkin's "MANIFESTO" for Banned Book Week!

And The Kids Right To Read Project of the National Coalition Against Censorship website is full of other great things, like their "Voices Against Book Censorship" interviews which has an hysterical video "I Am Not A Pornographer" by the Amazing John Green.

And their site is where I found this amazing video - Ellen Hopkins wrote and performs her poem, "Manifesto," that says it all much more eloquently than I:

I'm humbled and honored to be one of the many voices, in such esteemed and brave company, fighting for KIDS' RIGHT TO READ.

So, in celebration of BANNED BOOKS WEEK 2009, go out and get a Banned Book! Heck, get two! And READ THEM!


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Jacqui said...

Lee, that's a great interview. Thanks so much again for the panel, and for fighting for kids' right to read.