Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Rose Of Versailles, a.k.a. Lady Oscar

By Riyoko Ikeda

France. The late 1780s.

This yuri (girl-love) manga tells the story of Oscar, a girl who dresses as a man and is groomed to be the leader of Marie Antoinette's Palace Guards.

The women of the court are jealous of Oscar's attention to other women, in particular her relationship with Rosalie.

But as the French Revolution explodes around her, Oscar is torn between her class loyalty and her sense of justice, as well as between being a woman and her role as a military fighter.

In addition to being a series of 10 manga books, "The Rose Of Versailles" was adapted for the theater, an anime TV show, a live action movie and even a ballet!

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ivanova said...

I'm a big otaku, and Rose of Versailles was one of the first anime series I fell in love with. I loved the '70s-style animation, the cross dressing, and the moments of historical accuracy from Marie Antoinette's life.

Mia said...

This's my favorite too. But I wonder why sommetimes people keep rating it as Yuri? Even though there's a feeling Rosalie has for Oscar, that's not love in my opinion...