Monday, November 23, 2009

Jon Stewart Adds A "Gay Watch" Segment to his show: Wrestler Mick Foley's Got 10 Year Old Gay Activist's Back!

Check out this amazing segment, with an interview of an idiot, an interview with one of my heroes, and a Pro Wrestler vowing to kick some homophobic butt!

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And when you've stopped laughing, discuss...


My thanks to Jon Stewart and The Daily Show, for keeping it Real (and funny!), and to Andy Towle of Towleroad for getting this clip out there!


Daniel Teeter said...

Call me twee but his response to the interviewer's question of what a "gaywad" was put a tear in my eye. He didn't need a wrestler watching his back to provide a smackdown.

Here's another story of a kid with laser clear insight:

Hayden Thorne said...

Isn't it fantastic (or maybe a disgrace) that a fake news show is the only one giving us the truth about social and political issues?

Go Stewart and Colbert!

Adrienne said...

"it must be very awkward for you to have to listen to someone preach about their lifestyle"


gooooood stuff.

kittens not kids said...

Will someone please just give Jon Stewart a prize? I'm going....Nobel Peace Prize and maybe Lord God Emperor of the World?

this was amazing.

That boy is a wonderstar, and MAJOR props to his dad for raising him right, and sticking with him through this. Prizes for them, too.

Jacqui said...

Genius. As if I needed to be more in love with Jon Stewart.

Thanks so much for posting.

Sara W.E. said...

Awesome! I heart Jon Stewart and I love the combo of laugh out loud humor and optimistic dreamer!