Monday, December 14, 2009

New Blog To Know About: "Gay-Themed Picture Books For Children"

I love it when all this technology (like blogging) makes things easier. When people see something they can do to help others, and they do it.

Well Patricia Sarles has done just that with this new blog resource, GAY-THEMED PICTURE BOOKS FOR CHILDREN: Picture Books for Children About the Experience of Knowing or Having a Gay Parent, Family Member, or Friend.

There are books I've never heard of, like 1983's Jenny Lives With Eric and Martin, by Susanne Bosche, and with photographs by Andreas Hansen

Books I own and love, like "The Family Book" from 2003, by Todd Parr

It's a gathering of (so far) 88 picture books with GLBTQ content (the most comprehensive list I've seen!) It's super-fun to browse, and is a wonderful addition to our on-line community!

My thanks to Yapha for sharing Patricia's putting the list together - which gave me the chance to share with Patricia my "Picture Books I Wish Had Been Read To Me When I Was A Little Kid" bookshelf. Thanks as well to Rilla for making sure I knew about the list's debut, and finally, a *STANDING OVATION* to Patricia for putting together such a great new resource for all of us!




eloise freeman said...

There's a marvelous true story pic bk about 2 male penguins that fall in love at the Washington Zoo. They're inseparable. When they build a nest & nothing happens, one caring zoo keeper removes an extra egg from a nest [with 2 eggs] & places it in the gay penguins' nest. The 2 daddies take turns sitting on the egg. When the egg hatches, the 2 daddies & baby penguin are now an inseparable family. Children come to the zoo all the time to view these 3 happy penguins.

I can't find the title. It's a tender, delightful story!

Can you, Lee?
Eloise Freeman

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Hi Eloise, YES! It's "And Tango Makes Three" and it's a wonderful book. Here's the link:

Happy reading!