Thursday, January 28, 2010

The 2010 Comment Challenge FINALE!

Congratulations, fellow blog commenters!

We did it!

We've arrived at day 21 of our 21 day challenge.

The goal was to get ourselves into a new, good habit of commenting more on the blogs in our world of Children's literature (The Kidlitosphere.)

We aimed for 5 comments a day for 21 days - could we reach 100 comments (with one day off) in that 3 week challenge period?

Did I?

YES! Just before writing this post I hit "publish" on my 100th comment!

And oooh, it feels good.

And YOU? Did you make it to the finish line?

If you did, leave a comment here so you'll be entered in the prize drawing and can bask in the glow of praise your community will heap upon you.

And even if you didn't quite reach the 5-a-day goal to reach 100 comments total, did you comment more? Did you discover some great new blogs? Did some new readers (and commenters) discover your blog? Leave a comment also, and let MotherReader and I and everyone else know how it went for you.

Here are some highlight quotes from this year's Comment Challenge participants:

I've gotten comments from new readers, whose blogs I had commented on, and vice versa.

I can't believe how connected I've become with writers on the other side of the country...

I'm greatly enjoying learning about & becoming more a part of the kidlit community.

It's been great to find interesting new blogs and to see new people visiting mine.

It's a great challenge and I've found lots of cool blogs and people. I've been getting more visitors to my blog too, which is nice.

It's fun to reconnect and it's fun to find new friends.

I've discovered some new-to-me blogs that I'm really enjoying and I really feel like I've gotten more involved in the community over the past couple of weeks.

I have received several comments! Not a deluge, but more in one week that I had in the past few months. That's very nice.

I visited new people, and had people visit my new blogs...

I've gotten more traffic on my blog, more comments, a few followers and maybe a couple of future friends.

This challenge is brilliant. :) I can tell I'm forming a commenting habit already.

See, just participating in The Comment Challenge is its own prize. And while we're determined to do this event annually, try to keep it up over the next 11 months... after all, a good habit is a terrible thing to break!

Keep Commenting, a big shout-out of THANKS to the unstoppable MotherReader for being my co-host and partner-in-commenting-crime, and congratulations to everyone who joined in!



susan said...

Congratulations, all!

Zoe @ Playing by the book said...

*Thankyou* so much for organising the comment challenge. I can't believe just how much I've enjoyed it and how much I've gotten out of it.
*I've had lots of new visitors to my site
*I've discovered loads of new kidlit blogs
*I've read many many blogs written in different styles with different approaches to reviews, visuals, indeed every aspect of blogging that it's given me loads of food for thought about how I blog and things I might change about my blog
*I've had _fun_ commenting - actually, reaching out and making a connection is just great
*My bank balance has suffered. Too many delicious books out there that have been reviewed in such a way as to make it just impossible for me to resist temptation.

In total I left 134 comments - and I really think I will be keeping up with my commenting :-) Thanks again for the inspiration and encouragement!

Becker said...

I didn't get to 100 comments--more like 50, I think, which is definitely more than usual! I intend to keep the conversation going, and it's great to see the kidlit blogging community so involved! Thanks, Lee & MotherReader!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, thank you and MotherReader for the challenge! It was really fun and it sure is a habit I'll definitely keep.

The information that circulates from blog to blog is just amazing!

So, I don't know exactly how many comments I left here and there. I was consistent with five or more a day, but didn't keep track.

I'm just glad I did it and made new friends in the process. :)

Peace & Hug, have a great time in NY,


Jonathon Arntson said...

Thanks, Lee, for choosing my blog to be part of your 100. The namaste's make my day each time.

Heather Kelly said...

Lee- thanks for the challenge, it was wonderful. I did hit over 100 comments, and found a bunch of new blogs, and definitely some new friends (I'm looking at you, Jon!). It's been wonderful! So, thanks!

Greg Pincus said...

I lost count, but I know I was aware of commenting even more than normal. And yes, I found new blogs and allthat other good stuff, too.

Thanks to you and Pam for kicking off the year with such a great challenge!

Angela said...

I started out strong and really thought 5 comments / day would be easy. But these last 2 weeks I haven't kept up.

No didn't make 100, but had a lot of fun and commented more on the blogs I read regularly & yes found a few new ones too!

L.D. Harkrader said...

I'm sorry I missed the comment challenge. I'm taking an online social media class from Anastasia Suen this week, and one of the assignments was to visit and comment on blogs. Too bad I didn't take her class 21 days ago!

Lisa Harkrader said...

I'm sorry I missed the comment challenge. I'm taking an online social media class from Anastasia Suen this week, and one of the assignments was to visit and comment on blogs. Too bad I didn't take her class 21 days ago!

Lisa Nowak said...

Whoo-hoo we did it! High five! I already posted this over at MotherReader, but I had 104 comments. 105 counting this one. :) Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I left a grand total of 64 comments:-(
I really thought that I could do it, but I went to ALA Midwinter for five days and it was very hard to stay awake after a long day to blog and comment on blogs. Then it seemed like every blog was either reviewing the same book or posting about books that I had no interest in reading.

BUT, I did get into the habit of reading as thought I am engaged in a conversation. I did comment much more and received more comments than usual. So thank you for that.


MissA said...

Whoo hoo I made it past 100! Actually, I'm amaxed I stuck with it. Some days I only had 3 or 4 but most days I had 5 or more. The Magic Under Glass cover controversary led me to many new blogs and really thoughtful and interesting discussions.
I loved meeting new bloggers, finding new blogs, participating in discussions and learning about other books and issues that I may have missed (like the fact that Borders is closing many Waldenbooks and just throwing away the remaining books instead of donating them to a charitable cause!

Total comments: 131 =)
I intend on keeping this up!

Abby said...

Lee, the challenge was great. Thank you so much for hosting it and encouraging all the camaraderie. I really do feel like we've become more connected as a community! Well done!

MotherReader said...

Lee, this was so wonderful and so wonderful to do with you! I made myself get out and discover new blogs along with commenting on the blogs that I commonly read, and that was a big part of the challenge for me. And totally worth the effort. Thanks for continuing to inspire me.

Esme said...

It has been fun hopping around and making an effort to visit new blogs never discovered before. Thanks for your efforts.

Sherrie Petersen said...

This was such a blast!

I discovered a bunch of new blogs and over the 21 days I left more than 172 comments. Woo-hoo!!

Peaceful Reader said...

I have had a great time discovering new blogs and forcing myself to think of a comment to leave-no more lurking about for me!!