Thursday, January 21, 2010

The 2010 Comment Challenge Week Two Check In: You're Doing GREAT!

We would have called the challenge "Constant Comment,"
but wouldn't you know it, the name was taken!

So sit back, sip your tea, and note that today marks the end of the second full week of our three week Comment Challenge.

And really, judging by the comments left both here and at the wonderful MotherReader's first week check-ins, you're doing great.

Remember, the goal is to get yourself into a better habit of commenting more often - so don't kick yourself if you only commented once on a particular day - if one comment is more commenting than you would usually do, that's a good day.

And yeah, I'm finding that, as many of you said, it's not a consistent flow of comments from day to day. Weekends are harder for me to find the time, so I get more commenting done during the work-week. But that's just me.

Here's my tally for the past week:

Friday Jan 15: 4
Saturday Jan 16: 1
Sunday Jan 17: 1
Monday Jan 18: 5
Tuesday Jan 19: 5
Wednesday Jan 20: 9
Thursday Jan 21: Um, none yet. But hey, it's still early in my time zone - but I'll carry over the 6 comments I did LAST Thursday and didn't get to count in last week's tally)

So that's a second week total of: 31. I'm 4 shy of my goal, but I know I can make that up in Week Three!

How did the second week of The 2010 Comment Challenge go for you? Let me (and everyone else) know... Where? You guessed it, in comments!


LaurieA-B said...

Hi Lee: In the second week I've gotten comments from new readers, whose blogs I had commented on, and vice versa. It's been great. Thanks for the continued encouragement.

Jennie Englund said...

This is SO fun! And valuable.

I can't believe how connected I've become with writers on the other side of the country (shout out to Penn State!).

This is AWESOME!

Tricia said...

My results? I suck. The timing this year is killing me. We just came back to school last week, so I'm drowning in work. Not doing much blog reading, and not doing much commenting. **sigh**

Carol Coven Grannick said...

Hi, Lee:
I guess I was so busy commenting during the first week that I missed the check-in. I simply couldn't keep up this second week at all...But because I'm determined to become a more active Kidlitosphere community member, and want to connect with others in the community, I think the Challenge still encourages me, even if I visit one new blog a day. I visited new people, and had people visit my new blogs, and look forward to building those, and more, relationships.

susan said...

Lee, I've been preaching and promoting the practice of commenting for years. I am so glad to see this challenge.

Kickbutt banner. I'm in and I'm seasoned. Anyone want a mini-challenge to out-comment me? LOL

Megan Frances Abrahams said...

Hi Lee
It's been enlightening - I've visited and commented on so many blogs I wouldn't have seen otherwise. I've learned a lot about the kid lit blogosphere that I really should have known before I started my own blog. I've gotten more traffic on my blog, more comments, a few followers and maybe a couple of future friends. It's work - but it's been worthwhile and lots fun.

Jen Robinson said...

Hi Lee,

Week 2 was harder for me than week 1. I made it to 38 comments (vs. 45 the first week), but it was more of a struggle. I think that the ALA awards hurt all of us, comment-wise - so many people posted about those that there wasn't much to actually say on any of the posts. But I'm still hanging in there, and enjoying getting comments from some new people, and discovering their blogs.

Brimful Curiosities said...

I succeeded the first week in the goal of five comments/day, but this week I've struggled. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back on track the next few days.

Erika said...

I didn't do as well this week. I started the week off OK, but have slowed down as other commitments have eaten my time. I have had visitors (and commenters) to my blog, though.

Terry Doherty said...

Great image ... virtual tea! This past week has not been the greatest. I am still finding new blogs that I like, but with the 'sphere so filled with ALA discussions, I am finding it hard to say much of anything and am skimming (at best). It looks like things are starting to return to normal programming, so there's hope yet!

Anonymous said...

It's killing me. Seriously, it's taking a lot of time. There have been a few days when I didn't make the quota, but others when I exceeded it, so I'm ahead of the game in total. I'd still like to explore some of the blogs I haven't looked at yet. I hope I can do that this week.

NatalieSap said...

I, too, have gotten more comments from new readers, which I love and have been trying to respond to. But I admit that I've been spending more time on my own blog this week than others' - averaging only 1 comment per day. But! That is one more comment than I would have regularly posted (yes, I'm a bit of a lurker), so that's a little progress. Thanks for the challenge and the support!

Amy Nichols said...

Confession: I had to do a lot of catching up today. Being unplugged over the weekend set me way back.

I'm enjoying the challenge, though. There are so many great blogs out there and I'm learning a lot from them. My TBR book list is growing from the reviews I'm reading, too. I've met some lovely people, as well.

This challenge is brilliant. :) I can tell I'm forming a commenting habit already.

Abby said...

I don't have my numbers in front of me right now, but I'm definitely on track for the comment challenge. I think I counted up my totally last night and it was over 70.

I've discovered some new-to-me blogs that I'm really enjoying and I really feel like I've gotten more involved in the community over the past couple of weeks.


Cuppa Jolie said...

Hard week, so I'm happy with my 14.
It might have been zero if I hadn't been doing the challenge.

As always, thanks!

Hannah said...

Love the use of "Constant Comment." Very clever!

Sarah Stevenson said...

I'm impressed with you and the others who are actually tallying your numbers! I've managed 5 or 6 a day so far and it's been really rewarding. It's nice to have a goal that I'm working towards along with the knowledge that others are on the same page. Kind of like participating in NaNoWriMo--having buddies helps!

Kim Baker said...

Oh, I was doing really well.
And then I got my computer wet, which limited my online access.
I'm going to try and make up for it now!

MissA said...

So the first week I forgot to tally my numbers. But I know I did do at least 5 a day so I'll go with that. This 2nd wekk I did really good, in part I was helped by the Magic Under Glass cover controversary. So many people commented on my blog with encouragement and links so I followed the links and found new blogs and commented :)

Weekdays are way harder for me to comment because of school.

Unknown said...

Thought I'd stop by here and comment, I'm usually at MotherReaders. I'm doing well but it requires work! I get many blog updates emailed to me because I find that easier to manage than google reader since you can't seem to un-suscribe permanently. As I read the email, I've been opening the blogs in a separate tab so that I can actually make the comment. Normally I just read and move on. I usually stop at five though... I think next week I'm going to try for more each day...

susan said...

25+ total for the weekend. Please help me. What day are we reporting in?

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Great Job everyone!
Susan, final check-ins are on Thursday January 28th - the final day of the 21 day challenge...
Hope to hear from EVERYONE then!

Dreadful Penny said...

Lack of internet in my hotel room at Midwinter (and being too bus-sick to use the internet in transit) got me pretty behind, so I'm trying to catch up while keeping up, and that's been hard. So I'll probably fall short of an average of 5 comments per day, but if the point was to get people commenting more at all, then I've made huge improvements. I've always been a lurker, and this has definitely got me out of my shell.