Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Almost Perfect

By Brian Katcher

Logan just broke up with his girlfriend of three years. She cheated on him. So when this new girl comes to his high school, Logan finds he's pretty interested in her.

Her name is Sage. She's mysterious. Attractive.

And when Logan kisses her, he discovers Sage is...

a boy!


and maybe even, a girl he still likes?

Thanks to blog readers Shirley and Misty for making sure I knew about this new Transgender Teen book! Add your review of "Almost Perfect" in comments!


Unknown said...

I totally loved this book! Though my copy from the library was missing over a dozen pages - it got so bad at the end that I read it sitting in front of the computer, using Amazon's Search Inside feature. Kind of ridiculous.

Logan's character development throughout the book was painfully honest - he has a lot of ups and downs with Sage. Sometimes the book got a little didactic with Sage having long explanatory passages about aspects of being a transgendered girl, but I was willing to forgive those bits.

I reviewed this myself on my blog last month.

Anonymous said...

I found your summary quite suspenseful. Will see if I can acquire it.

Lisa Nowak said...

Sounds like a great premise. My problem is deciding whether to spend my free time reading or writing, so I don't get to read as often as I'd like.

Unknown said...

You are welcome. I especially liked the way the author developed the characters. They were realistic, genuine people and their faults and good qualities rang true.

Melissa Walker said...

Great mention. I did a review of the book here:


Congrats on all this week, Lee!