Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome 2010 - A different kind of New Year's Resolution: What's Your INTENT?

Hi all and welcome to the New Year, New Decade, New sense of energy and excitement for all the cool stuff coming our way...

I had a great break and am returning renewed, rejuvenated, and charged up!

One of the amazing adventures I had during my two weeks of going unplugged was hiking down and then swimming up to Pe’epe’e Falls on the Big Island of Hawaii. (That's it in the photo.)

I was scared - mostly because it was something I'd never done before - but I was there with others, and a local guide, and I trusted my own abilities and theirs.

We hiked in and then carefully clambered down the rocks until I was only a few feet above the waterline. Someone else splashed in and started swimming across the pool of water.

I jumped. The water was cold. Shouting-out-loud cold. I plunged down, but kicking my legs hard I broke back up through the surface. And I yelled. I hooted. I laughed.

And then I swam. All the way to the falls.

The adventure was a great reminder to me that new stuff can be scary, but also exhilarating.

So, instead of coming up with a list of resolutions that I may or may not fulfill, this year I'm trying something new:

I'm defining my intent for the year.

Sort of like a mantra, or a catch-phrase - this intent is something I can come back to for the next 361 days, and feel grounded in.

My intent for 2010 is:


Like sunrise, breaking through clouds and changing everything.

Like believing in my ability to break through my established patterns and do new things.

Like coming back up and breaking through the surface of the water and knowing that ANYTHING is possible.

2010 is my year to Break Through.

What's YOUR intent / catch phrase for the year? Share it with your GSA, or here in comments!


MotherReader said...

You're amazing. A breath of fresh air to the spirit.

It's funny - in our great minds think alike way - that I've also come up with an intent or mantra rather than resolutions.

Clean slate.

I've been thinking about how it becomes hard to do things because I become weighed down by the past. Whether guilt or overload or failures - it becomes hard to take the next step. But what if I operated as if that was wiped out? If I was starting with a clean slate. So that's what I'm trying.

For instance, instead of being mad at myself for not commenting at blogs - esp here - enough in the last few months, for the Comment Challenge I'm going into with no apologies or guilt, just as a new thing I'm doing.

Hayden Thorne said...

Okay, you didn't happen to run into Rush Limbaugh while you were there, did you? Hopefully not!

Hmm. I just posted my goal for this year, and I suppose I can summarize it in two words.

Buckle down.

I've been working hard before, but I know I can do better as long as I can keep my focus and not allow online drama and unnecessary networking take over my life. So yeah... I hope to reduce my online time, stop networking, and just concentrate on making my books better.

As well as put in more time reading. I fell far short of that goal last year, and I'm kicking myself.

Cuppa Jolie said...

I knew there was a reason (or MANY) that I like you so much!

Resolution, schmesolution!

I like MotherReader's, and after a difficult year, an intent for this year could be FRESH.

But I think I'll take the mantra:


xo said...

Great post, Lee, and Happy New Year!

Here's mine (appropriated from Eleanor Roosevelt): Do one thing every day that scares you.