Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Next Competitor

By K.P. Kincaid

American Figure skater Alex is 18, and he's gearing up for the Olympics.

His coach is stern and Russian.

His rival, Tanner, is poster-boy perfect, all-American, and even has a "perfect" girlfriend.

Alex certainly doesn't have a girlfriend. More to the point, he doesn't have a boyfriend.

He is having a hard time not thinking about this pairs skater Matt - but Alex doesn't have time for dating. Not if he's going for the Gold.

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ann foxlee said...

AH! I need to read this, it will go right along with my Johnny Weir obsession this month!

Thanks for the tip!

Caroline said...

I can't read this soon enough. I've been waiting so long for a book like this. Thank you so much for listing it!

OnlyAnnie said...

I immediately thought of Johnny Weir as well when I read the book description :) Looking forward to reading this one!