Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pinky and Rex and The Bully

By James Howe, illustrated by Melissa Sweet

I'm pretty excited about this easy reader chapter book with a gender non-conforming main character.

Pinky is a boy. And his favorite color is - you guessed it - pink!

Pinky's best friend is a girl. Her name is Rex.

Kevin, the 3rd grade bully, says that makes Pinky a sissy.

So Pinky decides he'll go back to being called "Billy." And he'll give up his favorite stuffed animals. But will he have to give up his best friend, too?

When you fall in love with Pinky and Rex, know there's a whole series James Howe wrote about them! Add your review of "Pinky and Rex and the Bully" in comments!


Terry Doherty said...

I knew about Howe's Houndsley and Catina series, but not this one! Thanks, Lee ... I'm always on the lookout for great stories for new readers and this sounds perfect!

Sara W.E. said...

I LOVE James Howe and Melissa Sweet! I'll have to check these out next time I'm at the bookstore. Huzzah for Pink!