Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday Bonus Post: Here's The Gay Commercial CBS Doesn't Want You To See:

CBS rejected this ad (remember that they recently "relaxed" their standards in order to accept that anti-abortion ad?)

And then, CBS tried to say that the gay dating site didn't have the money to pay for the ad, and they only submitted it because they knew it would get rejected and then they could get all this free publicity for it. The company says CBS should call their bluff, run the ad and charge them. I agree. CBS should run the ad. And the dating site should pay.

But really, did they spend "more than $100,000" on this ad? Really? I mean it's clever, but it feels like a more like a hokey Saturday night live skit than a slick TV commercial.

However it shakes out, there's your Gay Superbowl commercial...

and now back to your regularly scheduled Sunday!



ivanova said...

I do not believe they spent $100,000 on this ad. Like Kim Novak said in The Mirror Crack'd, "I could eat a roll of Kodak and puke a better movie than this." But low production values aside, it's cute, funny, and tasteful. Of course CBS is being homophobic and discriminatory.

MotherReader said...

If they spend that much money on the ad, then they are seriously getting ripped off by someone. I was prepared to be indignant that CBS wasn't running the commercial because of the company, but now I'd argue that they're not running it because it looks like a pretty amateur commercial.

kittens not kids said...

Doesn't this ad feel... off ... somehow? It DOES feel more like an SNL parody sketch, which makes me feel very suspicious of the whole thing.

I don't know - it didn't strike me as a particularly gay-positive ad (even though it's for a gay dating service). something weird going on with this ad, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

CBS, on the other hand - i know EXACTLY what's going on there. And it's revolting.

Daniel Teeter said...

Of course there's no reason why they shouldn't be allowed to air this. On the other hand, I agree with the above. It does have the look of an old Monty Python sketch; There's a sniggering quality about it. (But isn't it true that gay acceptance in the general culture first requires "gayness" to be a target for sniggering? Think of every gay character to inhabit a prime time sitcom.)

Can't you already hear the quaking in Middle (i.e. "real") America?

Rita said...

Haha, fascinating ruse/publicity stunt, if it is one. I agree with the above commenter that I'm not sure it's all that gay-positive (in addition to looking low-budget). Not negative, either, exactly, but...the reaction of the last guy directs the audience toward bewilderment. If he'd looked over, (laughed and nodded??), and gone back to eating his chips, that'd be something.