Wednesday, February 10, 2010


By Ellen Hopkins

Sex. Sound fun?

Sex for money. Sound glamorous?

Sex to survive. Get Real.

In this wrenching and powerful novel in verse, five different teens struggle to figure out what sex and love are all about.

Eden's a preacher's daughter, in love with a boy her parents will never accept.

Seth is gay, the son of a farmer, afraid to come out to his dad.

Whitney lives in her big sister's shadow, wishing someone would pay attention to her.

Ginger's Mom is a whore - and Ginger has to take care of her siblings at the cost of taking care of herself.

Cody's stepdad is an okay guy, but then he gets sick... And Cody has to become the adult.

For five different reasons, each of them gets dragged into turning "Tricks." Can they survive? And if they do, can they ever feel okay about themselves again?

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Becker said...

I need to read this one--Ellen Hopkins is coming to the CO Teen Lit conference in April! Thanks for the reminder!