Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Wanna See Hypocrisy In Action? John McCain Wants To Keep "Don't Ask Don't Tell" No Matter What!

Get this - McCain said in 2006 that "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was working (for whom, Senator McCain? More than 13,500 servicemembers have been fired under the policy since 1994.)

At that time, McCain said he would only consider changing the policy if the leaders of our USA military said it should be changed.

Fast forward to last week: On February 2, 2010, The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, testified that "Don't Ask Don't Tell" should be eliminated and that Gay and Lesbians should be allowed to serve openly in our armed forces... And guess what? It would seem McCain doesn't really care what the leaders of our military say about it.

Check out this amazing dailykos video that shows McCain's homophobia-no-matter-what in action:

McCain is practicing the politics of hate, and it's shameful.

If you'd like to express your disappointment to Senator McCain directly, check out this nice e-mail setup over at HRC (the Human Rights Campaign) that lets you send a polite but firm e-mail to the Senator saying "I urge you to live up to your words -- and to the integrity of the office you hold -- and end "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Wanna tell President Obama to take action on ending "Don't Ask Don't Tell?" Go here, to the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network site, where you can sign a petition.

Okay, and if you really want to be surprised, check out this Fox News report where not only the Fox News Military Analyst Colonel David Hunt comes out in favor of ending Don't Ask Don't Tell, but even the male host of the program adds his two cents, saying
"Yeah, it's like a civil rights issue. I find it absolutely absurd."

Wow. I agree with two people on Fox News!

Check it out:



Hayden Thorne said...

I'd rather listen to Meghan McCain. She's a total renegade, and she cracks me up when she ups and tears apart Daddy's political party. :)

BTW, even Cindy McCain broke ranks and joined the No on 8 campaign.

More pictures from the campaign here.

Beverley BevenFlorez said...

If you didn't have the Fox News Video clip I wouldn't have believed you. Fox supporting equal rights? The video should be put into one of those vaults so that it can be kept for eternity.