Monday, March 22, 2010

Ladies! Taking Your Girlfriend To The Prom? Check out these Couples!

The awesome women over at Autostraddle, in response to the insanity of the High School in Mississippi canceling their prom rather than let an 18 year old senior go with her girlfriend, have cooked up this delicious post - all these photos of teen girls who have gone to the prom or dance with their girlfriends! Here's just a taste:

It's fantastic, and so empowering to see!

Go check out the photos! (And hey, add your own if you've got one.)

Now if I could only go back in a time machine to MY prom...

Oh, and a cool follow-up to the story: Ellen DeGeneres presented Constance McMillen (the girl who asked to take her girlfriend to the prom which was then canceled) with a $30,000.- college scholarship (from

Check the moment out (it's at the end of Ellen's interview with her) - Constance's face when she hears the news is priceless!


ps- thanks to jlr for sharing the autostraddle link with me, so I could share it with you!

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Angie said...

That was a great clip -- thanks for posting it. :)

I love the point Ellen made, that the world wouldn't have ended even if a guy had worn a dress to the prom. [eyeroll] Seriously, what did the vice principal think -- that the ceiling would cave in or something? Good grief.