Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tillmon County Fire

By Pamela Ehrenberg

There's been a fire.

Who set it? And why?

Eight Teens tell the story, each with their own chapter.

The clues line up, criss cross, and come undone as the hate crime goes to trial, and it turns out that a frustrated adoptee, a gay teen, a big-city kid wishing he were back in New York, a pregnant store clerk and a boy with autism are all at the heart of what happened to cause the "Tillmon County Fire."

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Pamela Ehrenberg said...

Thanks so much, Lee--I'm honored that you mentioned TCF! It's been an exciting month--recently the book was also selected for the American Library Association's Rainbow Project:

I'd love to meet readers in the Baltimore area this Saturday (3/13) from 3-4 p.m. at the Ivy Bookshop (6080 Falls Rd.); for librarians and others coming to ALA later this spring, I'll be moderating a Rainbow Project panel on 6/28 and also signing TCF at the Eerdmans booth at a time TBD.

Thanks again so much for making my day!

Heidi Rabinowitz said...

I love this book. Pam always thinks outside the box, and this unusual story is so beautifully woven together.