Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why would I start a second blog? Shrinking Violet Promotions (Marketing For Introverts) gets me to talk!

So I'm excited about this interview I did with Shrinking Violet Promotion's Robin LaFevers - she asked some great questions, and I was able to share some really substantive answers.

We talked about why in the world would I start a new blog (The Zen Of Blogging Blog), the evolution of this blog, and what are people's three greatest fears about blogging. (And yes, I talked about how you can counter those fears!)

Their site is super-cool, all about giving a voice to authors who might not otherwise be heard. And that mission of empowerment is something I really believe in!

And as if that weren't enough, they're running my interview with the most awesome photo of a monk in a saffron robe in front of a temple... on a laptop!

Okay, you've got to go check it out!

Thanks Robin and Mary!


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Ms. Yingling said...

Oddly, I can comment on this blog but not on yoru Zen of Blogging one. Just wanted to say that it helps to embrace the concept of Wabi Sabi. Beauty in imperfections. As a middle school librarian, I've kicked the perfection compulsion!