Monday, April 5, 2010

(Be) Longing: A Poem Written By Charlie, A Boy In Middle School


When I was 8 years old
I wanted to be one of the guys
More than anything
I wanted to belong in their world

Voices deep like grown men’s
A foreign language unknown to me
The sound of boards hitting concrete
made my skin tingle like a sunburn

Just a bunch of guys being physical
Light-headed from too much sun
Out of control and trying to impress
Their bodies a mystery to an 8 year-old

Butterflies dancing in my stomach
and something else
But I was too young to understand
what that feeling meant.

Thanks to the author, Charlie, for letting me share this poem that he wrote back when he was in Middle School. And Check out Charlie's blog!


Wings in the Night said...

Oh my word! He wrote that in middle school? There is a beauty in this poem I am having trouble putting into words. He did it so well.

BethMooreSchool said...

Absolutely beautiful.

kittens not kids said...

Charlie's blog is amazing! *Charlie* is amazing! and this poem is lovely, even more so when you learn it's written by a middle-school-aged kid.

thanks for posting this, and thanks to Charlie for allowing it to be posted.

Lisa Nowak said...

I've read this poem on Charlie's blog, which I love. That kid has such a great heart and a sharp mind.

J.H. Trumble said...

Wow, Charlie! Beautiful poem. Keep writing. You can change the world some day with your words.

Victor J. Banis said...

A born poet. Really profound.


Anonymous said...

This is very touching and found it delightful to read. I love poetry, but never been good at it...

Charlie said...

Thank you so much for posting my attempt at poetry, Lee. And thanks for all the sweet comments. This made my day :)

Sarah Laurenson said...

Very wonderful. I love how the feelings come across so strongly: the longing to belong as well as the beginnings of the unknown, yet to be explored.

jan adamson said...

You are a pro at everything you attempt Charleston. Great job.

susan said...

Impressive. I met Charlie through you, Lee. Thank you.

tanita✿davis said...

Wow - Middle School brilliance. This is great.

Jeni said...

I think this is my favorite of the poems you've posted this week, which I'm just getting a chance to read now. Well done. Well done. -- Jeni (